Frequently Asked Questions


Are there any monthly fees to use #V2?

No, #V2 has no monthly fees. It is a one-off software purchase.

We have price points for all budgets. Please do contact us if our advertised plan is not suitable as we have others that may fit better with your current needs.

Is my webhost compatible with #V2

#V2 will run on webhosts that have PHP7 or higher, MySQL and cron. Most do.

Click here for full system requirements.

Do I need a dedicated server to run #V2?

No, #V2 runs on standard shared web hosting but we recommend you install it on a dedicated server or VPS so that your email delivery and reputation is not harmed by other customers using the shared server.

As your business grows if you choose to use shared hosting to start with, you can easily move your #V2 system to a VPS or dedicated server. #V2 is compatible with all of them.

Can I import my list in to #V2?

Yes you can… But… think about this… Just because you can put you hand into a raging fire doesn’t mean you should! It’s the same with importing a list in to #V2. Is the list you want to import safe to use? Are all of the email addresses live and are you certain none of them will bounce? #V2 is software you use to manage your reputation to keep your email delivery metrics high. If you import bad data or addresses you’ll get bad results and lower profits… do you really want to import in any old email addresses?