Why Do Your Peers Choose #V2 ?


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save money

Massive Savings

#V2 is a one-time cost. You don’t pay more as your business and customer base grows and you don’t pay more as you need more functionality.

Get control and certainty over your budget and stop paying out month after month after month. See how much you will save here.

privacy compliance

Privacy & Compliance

Comprehensive & detailed record keeping of personal requests and actions means you can always have evidence that puts you on the right side of the law if someone asks. One-click un-subscriptions and the user choice screen give people a way to automatically exercise their freedoms & rights.

automated audience targeting

Contact Segmentation

Great customer targeting means you need answers to the right questions before you can offer the most appropriate solution for someone. Create custom tags, triggers and actions to manage permissions and the information people give you. #V2 lets you ‘learn’ from ‘the data’ you collect and send.

contact management tools

Contact Management

People and what you know about them is at the heart of building successful relationships. People are the heart of #V2. You get to choose what personal and other types of information to collect, store, move, reuse or delete. Create unlimited contact & custom fields to collect the information you want or need.

Feedback Loop Protection

FeedBack Loop Protection (FBL)

The #V2 FBL system works with Amazon SES/SNS, Mailgun, Mailjet, Mandrill, SendGrid, SendInBlue and Sparkpost.

V2 gives you better protection when you use 3rd party ESP’s and people click ‘spam’ or the email bounces.

No Account Ban

No Bans or Lockouts

Using #V2 means you’ll never be held to ransom by a monthly autoresponder service ever again. Your list is 100% safe because it’s on your server!

Don’t let a malicious complaint or dead email address cripple your email marketing and profits.

action based triggers and events

Active Contact System

When someone does something that you want them to do these “events” can be tied to any number of custom “actions” and “triggers”. These could trigger other processes in other systems automatically . You can make #V2 as ‘interactive’ as possible to suit your individual or business needs.

Integrates with existing programs and services

Powerful API Integration

#V2 integrates with Zapier and has it’s own powerful set of API functions to give you greater flexibility and control.

unlimited autoresponders

Unlimited Autoresponders

#V2 just happens to be a real autoresponder but unlike using a monthly autoresponder service, you don’t pay more as your list or business grows. You can have unlimited powerful messages in as many autoresponder sequences as you need. You can also move people between sequences automatically

send one off email broadcasts

Unlimited Broadcast Campaigns

The powerful subscriber segmentation features mean each of your emails in a campaign or broadcasts can be highly targeted for maximum return. But there are lots of other features like split-testing and tracking that will help you maximise your ROI …

improve email delivery

Improve Email Delivery Rates

You can send emails from your own server or any 3rd party SMTP service. Automated bounce handling and programmable feedback loop processing help keep your sender reputation high. Test your server against 3rd party service performance. Select the best or resend to unopens using a different service.

reuse and repurpose content

Custom Content & Design Tools

You’ll have the ability to create unlimited custom variables that automatically add customised content in to your messages. Jane will see perfume while John will see after-shave, simply add a custom short-code where you want it to appear. #V2 is compatible with EVERY plain text or HTML email template or you can create your own.

Easy Contact & Data Import

If you need to you can import as many contact records as you want from CSV’s or TXT files, without restriction or forcing them to opt-in again. We recommend you have the appropriate permissions before you do but just know you can. And record your source …

custom email designs

and that’s just the tip of the iceberg …

you also…

  • Avoid the bad reputation & poor delivery of monthly services
  • Can use affiliate links in your emails (#V2 hides them 😉 )
  • Have peace of mind

and that’s still the tip of the iceberg…

Build Trust With Contacts

Helps Develop Trust & Reputation

using #V2 helps you to build trust and develop profitable relationships, not just with your contacts but also with the email companies your readers use. It also helps you with your compliance requirements.

What You Are Getting and What’s Included

#V2 is self-hosted software that you buy for a one-time payment and we install on your server or hosting. There are no increasing costs, unlike monthly autoresponder services. Using #V2 saves you money the longer you use it.

  • Software installation included
  • Unlimited contacts
  • Unlimited autoresponders / lists
  • Unlimited segments
  • Unlimited follow-up messages
  • Unlimited broadcasts
  • Unlimited emails per month
  • Unlimited subscription forms on unlimited websites
  • Unlimited contact tagging
  • Unlimited contact importing by CSV
  • Integration with third-party services
  • Use with unlimited domains
  • Access to basic training materials
  • 6 months access to FREE software upgrades (with optional paid access afterwards)
  • 1-year access to support
  • Number of separate installations allowed 1
  • Unlimited number of 3rd party SMTP accounts you can add (SES, Mandrill etc)
  • Unlimited administrative users
  • Unlimited number of sending personas
  • Powerful API access
  • Active contact (events, triggers & actions)
  • No increasing costs

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