Our email subscription, list management and segmentation, targeted email campaigns and tracking help you
Build Strong, Profitable Customer Relationships


Powerful tagging, segmentation and automation capabilities allow you generate unlimited laser focused email contact lists for your marketing campaigns. #V2 client data management features help you build a responsive customer database and to send on-topic, relevant messages to highly targeted mailing lists. #V2 list management allows you to manage contacts needs by developing a strong customer relationship with them. If you need flexible email subscription management that also helps improve email deliverability and close sales, then #V2 is the right choice for your business.

Contact Management

It’s all about your contacts and the relationships you can build with them.

Everything in #V2 centres around the contact, their list memberships and being able to simply select the best prospects and send the best possible personalised message.

Each contact can be in one or more lists without any duplication of contact data. You can link your contacts and customers to one or more contact categories, create as many custom fields as you like and capture as many of the facts as you need to make great choices.

You can create unlimited tags to store things you know about your contacts and use our advanced segmentation capabilities to filter in (or out) the best prospect(s) using one or many of the tags, categories and fields you have available. You can also captures action (or inactions) and our tracking make it a breeze to run unlimited laser-focused campaigns and targeted follow-ups.

contact management tools

Easy contact import and export

Import contacts from another email provider, text files or spreadsheets. Export your data to make regular backups of your valuable data.

contact management tools

No duplicate records

You never need to worry that a broadcast campaign sends multiple messages to the same contact because an email address can exist only once in the contact database. That makes live easier.

contact management tools

Unlimited custom fields

Create and assign any number of custom fields to contacts and segment them in any way imaginable. For example, select contacts who own a holiday home in Florida, who are retired and who opened your previous 2 newsletters. The possibilities are literally endless.

contact management tools

Unlimited custom tags

Create and link any number of custom tags to contacts. Then segment them in any way imaginable. For example, select contact records who are interested in Food but not Fashion, live in the USA and who clicked your Entertainment link in either of the last 4 newsletters. You can be as precise as you want to be. Or need to be.

contact management tools

Unlimited Segmenting

Create segments with any number of criteria including standard fields, custom fields, subscription data, list membership, contact category, message opens (or non opens), link clicks (or non clicks), the custom tags you created and more. For example, at the beginning of every month, select contacts who joined last month but who have not yet bought a product.

contact management tools

User subscription and Message history

View a complete message history for each contact to see which messages they have been sent and when.

contact management tools

Easily add new contacts

And you choose if they need to confirm their subscription or not. Add contacts one by one, paste in a bunch of addresses or do a full import from a file of contact data. You can even add contacts using our powerful API

contact management tools

Contact edit screens

Easy-to-use contact edit interface. #V2 is a contact management system as well as an email marketing application. Store any number of fields and unlimited notes for every contact.

contact management tools

Contact search

Quickly search for contacts by ISP or company (if it’s in their email address) by typing a few characters and selecting the contact you want from the presented list.

contact management tools

Unlimited autoresponder subscriptions

Each contact can have subscriptions to any number of autoresponders. This does not create duplicate contact records as the subscriptions are all tied to a single contact record.

contact management tools

Optional subscription confirmation

Unlike many providers, you get to choose if and when contacts need to confirm their subscriptions. Even when importing, you can choose if those contacts need to re-confirm their subscription or not.

contact management tools

Subscription tracking

Use tracking tags in your subscription forms to keep tabs on which forms are most successful at attracting subscriptions.

contact management tools

Subscribe by email

A custom email address for each autoresponder allows you to collect subscriptions from people who send a blank email to that address. Great during webinars and teleseminars for delivering content to attendees who simply email your special address there and then. And, of course, they are added to your contact database.

contact management tools

Bulk remove contacts

Just paste in a list of email addresses and click a button. Simple.

contact management tools

Unlimited Categories

Each contact can be a member of one or more categories. For example, create a category for prospects and another for customers. You can easily target one or more categories with broadcast campaigns.

contact management tools

Personalization tags

Choose from dozens of tags that personalise your messages or create your own to increase response rate. These work like “merge” fields in word processors. You can even include all your custom field information by inserting simple tags in your messages. Increase retention, reduce spam complaints and increase the overall effectiveness of your campaigns.

contact management tools

3rd party software integration

Add contacts and subscribe/unsubscribe them to autoresponders and lots more from other software using our powerful API or even simple http POST requests (eg Curl in PHP).

What You Are Getting and What’s Included

#V2 is self-hosted software that you buy for a one-time payment and we install on your server or hosting. There are no increasing costs, unlike monthly autoresponder services. Using #V2 saves you money the longer you use it.

  • Software installation included
  • Unlimited contacts
  • Unlimited autoresponders / lists
  • Unlimited segments
  • Unlimited follow-up messages
  • Unlimited broadcasts
  • Unlimited emails per month
  • Unlimited subscription forms on unlimited websites
  • Unlimited contact tagging
  • Unlimited contact importing by CSV
  • Integration with third-party services
  • Use with unlimited domains
  • Access to basic training materials
  • 6 months access to FREE software upgrades (with optional paid access afterwards)
  • 1-year access to support
  • Number of separate installations allowed 1
  • Unlimited number of 3rd party SMTP accounts you can add (SES, Mandrill etc)
  • Unlimited administrative users
  • Unlimited number of sending personas
  • Powerful API access
  • Active contact (events, triggers & actions)
  • No increasing costs

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