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#V2 has a huge number of versatile and flexible advanced autoresponder features. And it covers the basics really well too.

If you need a powerful email marketing tool with unlimited autoresponders and an intelligent mailing list solution that will scale as your business grows, then #V2 is the right choice.

Look at what you can do …

Autoresponder Software

Automation and power at your fingertips

V2 allows you to create and run an unlimited number of follow-up autoresponders for one or more websites. Unlike some systems, there are no additional charges for adding extra autoresponders when you need to expand your marketing activity.

Each of your autoresponders can have an unlimited number of follow-up messages.

unlimited autoresponders

Unlimited autoresponders

Create any number of follow-up autoresponders for any number of websites, each with unlimited follow-up messages.

unlimited autoresponders

Autoresponder groups

Autoresponders can be grouped for easy management in to an unlimited number of fully customiSable groups.

unlimited autoresponders

Single or confirmed opt-in

To comply with GDRP and other anti-spam laws and regulations you can choose on a per-autoresponder basis whether contacts need to confirm subscriptions. For example, existing customers may not need to confirm, whilst pay-per-click traffic does to ensure quality.

unlimited autoresponders

B2B and B2C segmentation

To comply with privacy and data management legislation you can segment your business and consumer needs based on interest or purchases or what ever you choose.

unlimited autoresponders

Smart subscription handling

Automatically drop an autoresponder subscription when a contact subscribes to another. For example, move a contact from “prospects” to “customers” after they have purchased.

unlimited autoresponders

Custom opt-in confirmation pages

Use these to remind contacts to check their inbox for their confirmation email and to suggest they add your email address to their whitelist or address book. You could even pre-sell your product or service or begin to build a strong relationship by managing your subscribers expectations at the first opportunity.

unlimited autoresponders

Custom subscription success pages

Set these globally or have different custom pages for each autoresponder or even … every subscription form. Remember an autoresponder can have unlimited forms so you options are limitless

unlimited autoresponders

Contact subscription self-management

Unsubscribe by clicking one link or present a screen where your contact can manage all their subscriptions and their preferences.

unlimited autoresponders

Custom unsubscribe success pages

Create enticing “exit” offers or remind customers of paid subscriptions that they will no longer receive content, giving them the option to re-subscribe.

unlimited autoresponders

Autoresponder Split testing

Send different versions of your autoresponder messages or the calls to action to different list groups of people to test open rates, click-through rates and overall success of your campaigns.

unlimited autoresponders

Custom email headers and footers

Easily control the format of an autoresponder’s follow-up messages by using common headers and footers that you manage in one place. This means you can focus on the content of each message without worrying about its layout.

unlimited autoresponders

Select outbound email service per autoresponder

Add any number of local (eg Sendmail, SMTP) or remote SMTP delivery providers. For example, use your local server for transnational emails and an expert delivery provider for your free e-course. Test them against each other and choose the best performer to continually drive up your delivery and performance results.

unlimited autoresponders

Subscribe/unsubscribe notifications

Send subscribe/unsubscribe notices to as many people as you want. Include the contact’s details so customer support staff or sales team can contact them directly and quickly.

unlimited autoresponders

End-of-sequence management

You choose what happens when a contact reaches the end of an autoresponder’s follow-up sequence. Move them to a new autoresponder or send them repeat messages from the same sequence. Or leave them active so they receive future message you add. Or maybe just segment them for targeting with broadcasts. You have full control over what happens.

unlimited autoresponders

Choose a sending persona

Create any number of sending personalities for different people or departments in your organisation. Create different personas for the websites you manage to help build your separate brands.

unlimited autoresponders

Add subscription widgets to your web pages

Tiny images that show how many people are subscribed to an autoresponder. These provide social proof to prospective subscribers.

unlimited autoresponders

Automatic message resend

Intelligent resending of follow-up messages that soft-bounced (eg mailbox full) to ensure maximum retention and delivery even when a contact’s mailbox is temporarily unavailable.

unlimited autoresponders

Easy contact import and export

Import contacts from another email provider, text files or spreadsheets. Export your data to make regular backups of your valuable data plus many other contact management capabilities you need.

What You Are Getting and What’s Included

#V2 is self-hosted software that you buy for a one-time payment and we install on your server or hosting. There are no increasing costs, unlike monthly autoresponder services. Using #V2 saves you money the longer you use it.

  • Software installation included
  • Unlimited contacts
  • Unlimited autoresponders / lists
  • Unlimited segments
  • Unlimited follow-up messages
  • Unlimited broadcasts
  • Unlimited emails per month
  • Unlimited subscription forms on unlimited websites
  • Unlimited contact tagging
  • Unlimited contact importing by CSV
  • Integration with third-party services
  • Use with unlimited domains
  • Access to basic training materials
  • 6 months access to FREE software upgrades (with optional paid access afterwards)
  • 1-year access to support
  • Number of separate installations allowed 1
  • Unlimited number of 3rd party SMTP accounts you can add (SES, Mandrill etc)
  • Unlimited administrative users
  • Unlimited number of sending personas
  • Powerful API access
  • Active contact (events, triggers & actions)
  • No increasing costs

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