For maximum response and ROI discover and target the individual needs of your contacts
Customizable Marketing Segmentation & Strategy Implementation


Customer targeting and audience segmentation using #V2 helps you develop and deliver a profitable email marketing strategy.

Using #V2’s behavioural segmentation marketing capabilities allows you to build laser targeted email lists based on your contacts interests so that on-topic messages are sent at the right time to the right people, maximising your ROI.

If you need powerful and customiSable marketing segmentation to improve your email campaigns, then #V2 software is the tool of choice for your business.

Customer Segmentation

Easy targeting of your ideal customers. Micro-Segment and Filter Your Contacts Into Groups of One

For maximum response and ROI, your email campaigns need to target the individual. You need to send your contacts what they want, when they want it. #V2 software helps you do that.

You can discover and Tag your contacts interests, wants, and desires and send them timely (even instant) content that is perfectly matched to their expectations. Find the pain, solve the pain, get paid.

The power and scope of #V2’s audience segmentation flexibility allows you to develop intelligent email marketing campaigns and behavioural strategy that can deliver the results you want. Start reducing your email marketing costs while improving profits using data segmentation and automation.

automated audience targeting

Unlimited Tags

Create as many tags as you need to micro-segment your entire list into segments of one or more ideal contacts. Your tags can identify anything you want to know about your contacts. Their wants, their needs, their likes or dislikes and the products and services they have already bought. The choices and your options are limitless.

automated audience targeting

Unlimited Categories

Create as many categories as you need for your contacts, your products, your services, in fact, what ever you want. You can associate your contacts to one or more categories and then filter your contacts in or out of your target list based on your requirements.

automated audience targeting

Geographic Targeting

Capturing and using the IP address of your contacts is easy. In fact it’s automatic when you use #V2 forms. Using the integrated (and optional) third-party IP geo-location service you can discover the location of your contacts from country down to town level, automatically.

automated audience targeting

Flexible Contact Filters

Identify the most suitable contacts in your list by filtering your list by the Tag’s and Categories associated to them and even the messages they have or have not opened. For example create a segment by choosing Has ‘Tag A’ and ‘Tag B’ but not ‘Tag C’ and is in ‘Category 1’ and ‘Category 3’ but not ‘Category 2’ and opened ‘Message 1’ and ‘Message 2’ but not ‘Message 3’.

automated audience targeting

Pin-point Contact Targeting

Send each individual contact exactly what they want based on the actual needs, wants and desires they have expressed when interacting with you or your content.

automated audience targeting

Single-click selection

Have you got just one contact with a tag in a list of thousands? Just one click pulls them out.

automated audience targeting

B2B and B2C segmentation

Segment your business and consumer needs based on interest or purchases or what ever you choose.

automated audience targeting

Unlimited Segmenting

Create segments with any number of criteria including standard fields, custom fields, subscription data, list membership, contact category, message opens (or non opens), link clicks (or non clicks), the custom tags you created and more. For example, at the beginning of every month, select contacts who joined last month but who have not yet bought a product.

automated audience targeting

Split testing

Send different versions of your campaign messages or calls to action to different list segments to test open rates, click-through rates and overall success.

automated audience targeting

Choose the best sending personality

Create any number of sending profiles for different people or departments in your organisation. Each personality in your team has something that will appeal most to certain sections of your list. #V2 allows you to split test and discover who the best people are to interact with the different segments of your customer base.

What You Are Getting and What’s Included

#V2 is self-hosted software that you buy for a one-time payment and we install on your server or hosting. There are no increasing costs, unlike monthly autoresponder services. Using #V2 saves you money the longer you use it.

  • Software installation included
  • Unlimited contacts
  • Unlimited autoresponders / lists
  • Unlimited segments
  • Unlimited follow-up messages
  • Unlimited broadcasts
  • Unlimited emails per month
  • Unlimited subscription forms on unlimited websites
  • Unlimited contact tagging
  • Unlimited contact importing by CSV
  • Integration with third-party services
  • Use with unlimited domains
  • Access to basic training materials
  • 6 months access to FREE software upgrades (with optional paid access afterwards)
  • 1-year access to support
  • Number of separate installations allowed 1
  • Unlimited number of 3rd party SMTP accounts you can add (SES, Mandrill etc)
  • Unlimited administrative users
  • Unlimited number of sending personas
  • Powerful API access
  • Active contact (events, triggers & actions)
  • No increasing costs

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