#V2 Software Updates & Support Plan

When you need help and support we’re here for you.
This plan outlines what we can and can’t help you with.

Basic overview

Here at Mutual Advantage we want to help you resolve issues that you may have while using our software.

Our support team are on hand to assist you from Monday to Friday between 9 AM and 5 PM (UK time), excluding bank and national holidays.

You must be using and have installed the most current release of our software and have a current and valid software updates and support plan in place. Our team will direct you to renew your #V2 software updates and support plan if yours has expired.

The cost of the plan allows us to keep improving the software. Support is available to those with a valid plan but if you do not use the support service during any period, we are unable to discount the cost at a later date.

We provide a ticket based support service that is available at http://support.v2movement.com

Tickets are answered in the order they are submitted.

While we aim to resolve any ticket within 24 hours this may not always be possible.

Many of the questions that you may have may have already been answered and that answer is available via our help articles. Our team will direct you to these articles if that is the case.

What we can help you with

Our support team can assist you with basic #V2 software and usage questions. It may be necessary for our team to login to your #V2 installation in order to help and provide a solution or guidance.

Our support team may determine that an issue you are having is not being caused by #V2 and that #V2 is being affected by a server or hosting issue. In which case our team will direct you to get help or assistance from your hosting provider.

Some questions that you have may require a deeper understanding of the use of our software, coding skills or advanced training which may be available through third party sources and may incur additional fees or costs. Our support team will direct you to third party partners and services if that is the appropriate solution.

Billing-related issues should be sent to: moreinfo @ mutualadvantage.co.uk

What is not covered by our support plan.

We are unable to provide help or support for server related issues, please contact your hosting company.

A personal note from Kevin Polley, owner of #V2 about server related issues.

Since 2015 I’ve been able to get a feel for some of the recurring issues that come up and the one that seems to cause the most frustration revolve around servers that don’t send emails quickly or are restricted. To try and shed some light on this I’ve been thinking of a good analogy to give a perspective on it. Imagine you have a car (your server), you buy a new sports exhaust for it (the exhaust being arpReach) and you get the exhaust fitted (get the software installed). In the majority of cases the exhaust fittings are common (PHP, MySQL) from car to car and and the engine will still run. But … unless your car engine (the MTA eg sendmail or exim etc & DNS) is tuned by a specialist for maximum performance, once the new exhaust is fitted you will not get the best performance possible. Engine tuners (sysadmins) use different specialist tools and have different skillsets to exhaust fitters (installers). The best engine tuners work in different buildings to the exhaust fitters. We build the sports exhaust, we offer an optional fitting service but we are not engine tuners.   

We are unable to provide help setting up DNS.   

We are unable to provide assistance with custom script programming (for integration).